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Application of bulletproof security glass

Bullet-proof glass is a composite material specially processed from glass (or Plexiglass) and high-quality engineered plastic. It is usually a transparent material, such as PVB / polycarbonate fiber thermoplastic plastic (generally force display resin or lexan resin is also known as LEXAN PC RESIN).It has the appearance of ordinary glass and the act of transmitting light, providing certain protection for small arms shooting.The most thick pc plate is 136 mm thick and the maximum width is 2166 mm wide.

Application of wood carbonization

After about 200 degrees of high temperature carbon technology processing wood, due to its nutritional composition, it has good anti-corrosion insect function, because its water absorption functional group semi-cellulose is reorganized, make the product has good physical performance, deep carbon corrosion wood is a real green products, although the product has anti-corrosion insect performance, but does not contain any harmful substances, not only improve the service life of wood, and will not be in the production process and after the waste treatment on the human body, animals and the environment.

Application of rubber vulcanization

The process of rubber macromolecules undergoing a chemical reaction with the crosslinker sulfur under heating, and the crosslinking becomes a stereo mesh structure.The rubber is vulcanized.Sulfur is the last process in rubber processing, you can get finalized practical rubber products.

Application of medical waste treatment

Treatment of medical waste articles refers to the treatment process of medical waste articles and garbage generated by relevant personnel with physical, chemical or biological infectious damage to people or animals and the environment within the hospital.It includes the proper disinfection and even thorough removal of some infectious medical wastes.


Application of concrete industry

Autoclaved aerated concrete is a highly heat-insulating concrete foundation material that can be used for internal and external structures.Another advantage of having an excellent adiabatic effect and being easy to install is that it can be processed, polished and cut at will using standard carbon steel tools on site.




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